Middle Grade Resources: November

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It’s November. And that means National Novel Writing Month, Nanowrimo. So in the spirit in of learning more about writing middle grade and writing more words, I wanted to share some #MG resources:

Middle Grade

➡️ MG Book Villlage is a collective blog hosted by multiple MG creatives, librarians, and educators. They also host a weekly Twitter discussion under #MGBookChat on Mondays at 9pm ET.
➡️ From The Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors: They are a MG author-reader collective site/blog loving all things books for ages 8 to 12. They have a wonderful writers page full of resources.
➡️ Agent Brain/Writer Brian is a You Tube channel that was run by John Cusick, literary agent and author. I really got a lot out of his discussions on writing scenes as well as other topics, relevant to longer fiction.
➡️ The Book Jam Podcast, episode 12, hosted by librarians Marisa and Mary talk all about #MG mysteries.

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