March Motivation

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We all need encouragement in our creative journeys. Making something new, growing, and taking risks is hard work.

Here are some resources that motivate me …and might help motivate you.


➡️ 4 Things Holding You Back From Creating: Artist/coach duo tackle the skills gap, perfectionism, procrastination, and stagnation in an Instagram (IG) graphic.

📶 Perseverance with Sherrilyn Kenyon: Sometimes it is helpful to hear a professional share their struggles to remind you it happens to everyone and that if they can work through it, so can you. Another fantastic Writing Excuses episodes, 15 minutes long.

🎦 Jess Keating’s IG Office Hours: this particular post starts with talking about imposter syndrome and then moves into how one might process emotions when things don’t go your way in publishing.

🎦 Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art: make good art, make your art, make mistakes, grow, and leave your mark. Sometimes you just need to hear it from somebody else, and who better than Neil Gaiman?

PBParty: Need motivation and accountability? Join host, Mindy, and the other picture book writers in the #PBParty Twitter community for weekly chats, fast draft challenges, and more!

What keeps you motivated?

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