March Resource Roundup

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I’m kickstarting the March posts with a roundup!

Diversity & Inclusion Resources

➡️ Equity and Inclusion Library: SCBWI’s resource library that is open to the public for resources for marginalized creators or for individuals who just want to learn more. It covers organizations, bookstores, and recommended reading.
➡️ We Need Diverse Books Race, Equity, Anti-Racisim, & Inclusion Resources: recommends books, stores, and educational material.
➡️ KidLit Against Anti-AAPI Fundraiser: although the fundraiser is closed, it links to several articles and organization you can support by direct donations.
➡️ YouTube Celebrates Black Authors: YouTube’s Booktube is doing an interview series on Black Authors.

Writer Resources

➡️ Worldwide Story Structures: author Kim Yoon Mi breaks down story structures. A broad look into the wider world beyond the “triangle” or three-act plot.
➡️ Research Efficiency Tips: Beth Anderson shares some ways to stay organized.
➡️ Nonfiction Fest (NFFest) 2021: curious about non-fiction? Browse through the month-long series of posts and activities to kick story your non-fiction storytelling mix

Artist Resources

➡️ Cover Design Tips: working on a book cover or portfolio piece? Brooke Van Sickle offers her take on what makes a cover pop!
➡️ Mitch Leeuwe’s Tips: covers storyboard, composition, & camera angles.
➡️ Procreate Blend Modes Breakdown: Ghost paper discusses and time codes every breakdown in his Procreate.

So what resources have you used lately?

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