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I’m three weeks into my idea generation month for Storystorm and purposely limiting my new writing.

Why is this important? Well, I’ve spent the last several months, elbow-deep in one story. Now, I want to give myself sometime to percolate on ideas and tools to apply to my next stories and revisions.


🎦 Reedsy – Three Writing Tips: brief, practical, applicable to writers from picture books to YA. Tip#2 really helped me when I had to go from one major draft to another for my WIP.
🎦 Brandon Sanderson’s Five Tips For Your First Novel: Brandon is a novelist and writing teachers who speaks my language—frameworks. There’s always a point in the idea process or the revision process for me where I need to identify big picture concepts or writing exercises to help stretch those writing muscles. Tips are applicable for chapter books to YA.
🎦 John Spencer’s Writing Prompts for Students: I love reading and watching videos targeted to student creators. It helps me plug into the KidLit mindset. Applicable for picture book to YA.

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