Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away (Book Review 12)

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Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away by Meg Medina & art by Sonia Sanchez (2020)

Summary: As moving day comes to a close, Daniela visits Evelyn, her best amiga, one last time. There are moments of pure joy tinged with an acknowledgement that things will change. The art work invites us into an intimate world between two friends that leaps off the page and into our hearts.

What I Enjoyed

  • Big Feelings: This story is a powerful ode to friendships and goodbyes. It is written and illustrated authentically. And if you are feeling a lonely, especially with social distancing, bring tissues. You and your kiddos may need them.
  • Setting: Two apartments, like twins. Everything from the descriptions (the iron doors and radiator) to the illustrations, the world feels lived in.
  • Growing up: This is such a relatable story to kids. Friendships can seem like destiny. And then sometimes, overnight things change and you have to let go.

Mentor Text Moments

  • For Authors: This first-person story, written from Daniela’s perspective, is lyrical, emotion-filled, and full of specific and vivid moments between friends.
  • For Illustrators: Sonia’s illustrations are full of texture and feel very whimsical, almost like you are in the girls’ imaginations. They were created digitally and I’m in awe.
  • For Authors/Illustrators: The last page. I can’t give it away, but even though the story is full of bittersweet moments, it made me go “awwww” and left me with hope. It is that last page that encouraged me to read it again.

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