Why Should I Pre-Order Books?

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  • Authors and illustrators can use pre-orders as a way to signal to publishers/marketing team that there is a strong interest in their upcoming work.
  • Authors and illustrators can use pre-orders sales to get larger orders from retailers.
  • Pre-orders count towards the first week of sales.
  • Many best seller lists use pre-orders as one metric for ranking.
  • Pre-order buzz helps authors and illustrators reach a wider audience!
Two of the books I’ve recently pre-ordered.

Want More Ideas? Also request your library purchase these new books during the pre-order period/new release period, check out those books to keep them in circulation, and review them when you can!


1. “All About Pre-Orders” by Penguin Random House: This article briefly covers the points why pre-orders are important from a publishing house standpoint.
2. Why Pre-Orders Matter by Bookends Literary: This article briefly covers the points why pre-orders are important from a agency standpoint.
3. Why Pre-Orders Matter [Video]? by Lee Lefever: This video gives the reasons how and why other creatives could support peer pre-orders.
4. Why don’t I recommend pre-ordering [Video] by Kindleprenuer: This video is written from a KDP (e-book only) view point, but brings up some good counterpoints that might be worth thinking about
5. Five Reasons to Pre-Order [Video]: James Breakwell’s hilarious video about the benefits of pre-ordering.

So what books will you pre-order?


  1. Thanks for the mini-lesson! I admit I wondered why I saw so any authors on Twitter asking folks to pre-order their books. Now I know. These bite-size kidlit posts are terrific – thanks for posting them!

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